Overwatch Season 5 begins on June 1, 1am UK time, although there could be some fluctuation of that date depending on what time zone you reside in.

Other times:

  • May 31, 5pm PDT
  • May 31, 8pm EDT
  • June 1, 2am CEST

As all seasons we begin battling for our place in the competitive Overwatch ladder by playing our placement games. The importance of these first 10 matches is huge as it determines what type of player you are and where you will get placed in the leaderboards. A good performance can skyrocket your Skill rating, but a poor one can take you to the bottom of the ladder.

BanakeShop provide placement matches service for all platforms PC, PS4, XBox. You can check here!

Customers that order from us will get an amazing start of the second competitive Overwatch season with a GUARANTEED of 7/10 WINS!

IMPORTANT RULES for Overwatch Season 5 placement games boost:

All pre-orders will be with 7 / 10 guaranteed! (70%+)

If we go 6 / 4 - we will do 3 additional net wins!

If we go 5 / 5 - we will do 6 additional net wins!

If we go 4 / 6 - we will do 12 additional net wins!

+3 net wins for anything below that

The rules applies for 10 games pack. If you don't purchase the full 10 games the rule minimum requirement is as it follows:
1 game - we can go 0 win /1 loss;
2 games - 1/1;
3 games - 2/1:
4 games - 3/1;
5 games - 4/1;
6 games - 4/2;
7 games - 5/2;
8 games - 6/2;
9 games - 7/2.

For Duo Queue placements we do not have a set guaranteed winrate!


The price is 40 USD for 10 game without preorder.

We found great success in the first season breaking the world record for highest placed account after the first 10 game!

Benefits of ordering the placement games boost from

- We are the only service guaranteeing 70%+ winrate!

- Your account will be started and completed on the first day (01.06) of the season!

- Higher placement in the competitive Overwatch ladder!

- You can choose to use a Piloted (solo) version or to Duo with our boosters for the Placement games!