​Thank you for visiting VikingDota, the best place to buy Dota 2 Accounts & MMR Boosting Service. You might be wondering why we’re the best place to buy at – after all there are many different websites out there (and not all of them good!). First of all, we are the biggest and the first ever website to offer those kind of services, so we are pretty sure we are the safest and the most experienced boosting team out there. We firmly believe in transparency and honesty here at VikingDota.Com, so below you will find the reasons of why we truly are the best and safest place to buy Dota 2 Services. If your question isn’t answered below then contact us for futher info.
Customer Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We do everything in our power to ensure that your details and payment information are as secure as possible – meaning there is no risk at all in buying a Dota 2 services from us. Some other websites have a very lax attitude to customer safety and security, so make sure you always check that wherever you buy Dota 2 Services from does the following to ensure your safety and security:
We use PayPal as our main payment processor, so we have no access to your payment details. Everything is handled safely and securely by PayPal, who are one of the most trusted and respected payment processors in the world. It also allows you to pay in any currency at all, as it will automatically convert it in to USD. We are always looking at adding new secure payment methods and in the near future may be adding Bitcoin and Paysafecard as a way to buy from us.
Our Fast Delivery system means that when you buy an account from us, you will receive an instant email with your new account details. MMR boosting order can take up to 6 hours before booster will be assigned to your account. Once the booster is assigned, we will be boosting your account for 150-300 MMR a day!
We are the only website to offer 100% Money-Back Policy, if you are not satisfied with quality of our service. If some error has happened from our side or you just decided to stop boosting in the middle of the order, a partial refund will be delivered instantly depending how far we have boosted.


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NOVEMBER 15th, 2015 | UNTIL NOW...

Started with the name "Dota 2 Top Accounts", after ~1 year of operation, we achieved some impressive milestones with over 2.500 accounts were sold, more than 1.000 customers to leave positive feedback on facebook and EpicNPC (the biggest forum about selling accounts in the world). Currently we lead on facebook with 175,000 fans, hit approximately 35,000 views on EpicNPC. We already boosted for more than1.000 accounts, all were safe and we got satisfied from customers. We will try to serve our customers in a better way.

Aug 6th, 2015

Many many customers deal with us and leave review, all you guys can see more than 700 reviews on our fanpage with 655 people rated 5 stars.
More than 2,000 comments on VikingDota' steam profile. All of comments are about help, positive feedbacks, service reviews...

Jun 14th, 2015

Our topic on EpicNPC has become the 2nd largest thread, approximately 20,000 views and 100% positive feedback.

May 20th, 2015

On the way to become the biggest selling MMR accounts brand on facebook, with approximately 130,000 fans, rating star is 4.6 / 5 and many review wrote by customers. We were working hard to serve customer better.

FEBRUARY 2nd, 2015

We decided to change our business name from "Dota 2 Top Account" to "VikingDota"
​The official domain name is VikingDota.Com

Jan 10th, 2015

We become the most trusted seller in SEA server with more than 800 comments +rep on steam profile. Our steam profile got level 65 with thousand transactions on community market. :D All customers feel safe when doing trade with us.

Dec 25th, 2014

2 months of operation and we achieved some impressive milestones with over 200 accounts were sold, 70,000 fans and at least 30 customers leave positive feedback on facebook. Some new customers from Epic have come to us and satisfied.

NOVEMBER 14th, 2014

Nearly 50 accounts sold out after only 1 month of operation and all of our customers were satisfied, we reached 50,000 fans on facebook also, that's fantastic thing :D 
​At the same time, we created a topic on EpicNPC - Largest selling accounts forum in the world. With the promise about cheapest price, many customers have come to us and we sold 4 accounts / day.

Oct 28th, 2014

It was quite a surprise, just only two weeks of operation, we got great support from the Dota 2 players, more than 20,000 people like our fanpage.

Oct 12th, 2014

Starting with the idea to help low MMR players get more experience with the higher MMR, we created fanpage "Dota 2 Top Accounts" on facebook.