Frequently Asked Question?

We accept many payment methods, please read our "Payment Instruction"
You can get full information immediately after you paid. We will send account information to your email. Then guide you how to change email and paswword.
At the moment, BankaeShop sells more than 250 accounts each month and already sold ~3000 accounts since we started our business (2 years ago). There is no lost / charge back / hijacked case till now. In the case: it's really our fault when you lost your account, of course we will refund all money to you or give you another account instead. Don't worry about it :)
We only use 1 steam profile for items transaction. It's: http://steamcommunity.com/id/banake2108/ . You need to leave comment and add us on steam to transfer items. With wallet code, you can give us on our fanpage / facebook / skype. We will redeem and let you know if successful.